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Black Cat Bonanza is a timed three round matching FREE game for kids, featuring Scary but Cool Cats. These are real cool Halloween Black Cats. The Black Cat Bonanza skulk around at night and love to listen to cool jazz. The first round in this Black Cat Bonanza Free Game for kids is 100 seconds and after that each round is 10 seconds less, so that you will have the time to improve each round.

Another great feature of this Free Black Cat Game that makes it even more awesome than just a matching  game - you must find the icons that link together in some way! When you make a linked match the Black Cat Bonanza will show you the link. You also get some help along the way. You can use the REFRESH button 3  times, this mixes up the game cards so it is easier to find linking matches. You can also use the FIND button 3 times, and this will find the matching links for you.

This free game for kids will challenge everyone who plays it.

This Black Cat Bonanza game is an addictive race with some of the Scariest and Coolest Black Cats around. It requires you to find the matching links,and it gets harder each round. Have great Halloween Fun!!! © NYCelt LLC 2014

Now that you have played the Black Cat Bonanza App, you might want to read true story of the Black Cat Bonanza. Here it is:

The Black Cat Bonanza


Samuel Muggington

Everyone believed that black cats brought bad luck. That was before the Black Cat Bonanza occurred.

Black cats have a bad rap. All I’m are trying to do is to find some food. I’m careful to avoid the big guy in the red house. Every time he sees me he picks up a stone and flings it at me along with a curse.

He changed his tune after the Black Cat Bonanza. It was the talk of the village. Nobody believed that cats could do it but they were wrong.

For a long time the small Mom and Pop businesses went out of business on Main St. Only big banks and junk food franchise restaurants could pay the exorbitant leases. We cats liked those small businesses. The guy in the pizza place left us bowls of milk and uneaten pizza. The lady in the bakery left us bread and cake. They were good people.

On the other hand the bankers gave us nothing. The red-faced loan officer kicked me several times when I got out of the way too slowly. Us cats decided we weren’t going to take it any more.

One thing that cats do well is to hunt mice and rats. So what did we do? We went on strike. At first no one noticed. When the rats started to dance in the bank tellers’ windows the crap hit the fan.

Needless to say, the Mom and Pop businesses returned and we went back to work. We got rid of the rats and mice and our bowls of milk started appearing again.

The people in the town called it the Black Cat Bonanza.

It’s nice to be appreciated.